STELLARIA onboards technical people who are used to work together for many years, creating the right momentum to start u the company. We have dozens of men-years of experience in GEN 4 technologies. This past experience makes us humble and is our best asset to overcome the difficult technical challenges ahead of us.

We are humble

We are fully aware that designing and industrializing a new kind of breeder nuclear reactors is a very difficult task. We commit to be humble and to listen to all external experts will be help us take the rigth decision and take the quickest path toward a prototype.

We are passionate

We believe that passion and team spirit are the only way to overcome technical challenges ahead of us. We will transmit this passion for prosperity to our future employees, to build a better energy world for our kids.

We are simple

We believe it is always difficult to keep systems simple, but it is the road to success. We commit to design the best simple experiments that will derisk chemistry, corrosion, materials, and termal-hydraulics topics, that will allow us obtain the authorization to build our prototype in 4 years. 

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