STELLARIA onboards technical people who are used to work together for many years, bringing the full scope of expertise :  reactor operation Return of experience, molten salt chemists, thermal hydraulics, mechanical expertise, neutronics, and industrial marketing and energy market channels. We have dozens of men-years of experience in GEN 4 technologies. This past experience makes us is our best asset to overcome the technical challenges ahead of us. Thanks to this incredibe team, we already have very simple solutions to solve the last issues of fast neutronic molten salt piles.

STELLARIA is co-founded by highly skilled professional, the R&D being held by professionals from the CEA, and the Buisness part being led by professionals from SCHNEIDER-ELECTRIC. It is also an co-incubation of CEA and SCHNEIDER-ELECTRIC, who hold shares in the company, as well as Technip Energies, the leader in modular solution for energy transition solutions.

We are humble

We are fully aware that designing and industrializing a new kind of breeder nuclear reactor is a difficult task. We commit to be humble and to listen to all external experts who will be help us take the rigth decisions and take the quickest path toward a prototype.

We are passionate

We believe that passion and team spirit are the only way to overcome technical challenges ahead of us. We will transmit this passion for prosperity to our future employees, to build a better energy world for our kids.

We make it simple

We believe it is always difficult to keep systems simple, but it is the road to success. We commit to design the best simple experiments that will derisk chemistry, corrosion, materials, and thermal-hydraulics topics, that will allow us obtain the authorization to build our prototype in as soon as possible. 

Our Management Team

We have created a multidiscplinary management team that has extensive experience in the energy  and nuclear business. 

Nicolas Breyton

Founder, CEO and Product Owner

Nicolas Breyton graduated from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in mechanical engineering and has 22 years of experience in the industry. He worked for 7 years for the Renault group and joined Schneider-Electric in 2006 out of a passion for the energy sector. He has held various positions in international team management, business development of complex systems, strategic marketing, creation of innovative products, implementation of IT tools, and has experience in modular construction in the Oil & Gas world. Author of a book on the future of energy, the capital of the Earth, he discovered the potential of molten salt reactors in 2016 and gave conference about energy, environment, and next generation nuclear at Schneider-Electric, as well as with the CNRS and CEA, and especially advocates the new liquid fueled nuclear. 

For the past 3 years, Nicolas has been working on the redesign of sustainability strategy of the electricity distribution, and he has developed new strategic axes such as massification of energy efficiency tools in switchboards, circular economy, and the relaunch of the new nuclear as a new major market segment for Schneider-Electric.

Guillaume Campioni

Founder &  Chief Nuclear Officer

Multidisciplinary background, PhD in physics and neutronics of nuclear reactors. Trained at the CEA in support of experimental reactors. For the past 15 years, he has created, structured and coordinated working groups and task-force teams on high added value nuclear innovations. Specialized in innovation in fields such as high-power space nuclear and molten salt reactors, he has become one of the key elements in the revival of studies and the diffusion of the potential of this technology in France. He co-founded, and since then, has been leading the MSR bootcamp, a national scientific event on this technology with ORANO, EDF, FRAMATOME, the CEA, the CNRS, and all the players in the field. He has given conferences and training in technical strategy, including both specific R&D aspects and more global issues inherent to the development of complex machines such as nuclear reactors. During his career, he has acquired a solid network of cooperation and a strong recognition in his fields

Guillaume joins Stellaria as Chief Nuclear Officer, and federates all the technical teams, and is responsible for the major scientific choices.

Lucas Tardieu

Co-founder & Lead Architect

Lucas Tardieu is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers and the Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires (Atomic Engineering). He began his career at the CEA as a design engineer specialized in reactor design. He participates in the definition, pre-design and integration of technical solutions in advanced reactor projects as well as in global architecture considerations. He works on the various innovative technologies developed in France: sodium-cooled fast neutron reactors, molten salt reactors, high-temperature gas reactors and micro-reactors. He is the inventor of a new micro-reactor for the defense industry.

Bruno Desbrière

Nuclear Safety Leader

Former EVP of the ILL reactor division in charge of facility safety. Bruno Desbrière has held this position for more than 15 years (he was previously a CEA agent at CEA Grenoble for about 20 years). Bruno has more than 20 years of experience managing and operating the High Flux Reactor (HFR), which is a highly complex facility and one of the largest research reactors in the world. As safety manager, he was the architect/project manager of the post-Fukushima upgrade of the HFR. He has an extensive practical knowledge of all nuclear systems enabling STELLARIA to take the right design decisions.

Bruno joins STELLARIA and will act as Safety Manager as a consultant, providing initial safety guidance and design expertise.

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