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Our headquarters are based in Grenoble, the beautiful city settled in the middle of the french Alpes, just three hours away from the mediteranean sea. 
Beside the highly qualified jobs we provide, we also provide one the best quality of life in the world. 30 minutes after work, you are ready to disconnect in the nature, or have fun at the ski resorts. 

In Grenoble, we work hard, but we also provide you the best quality of life for you and your family.

This journey is a marathon and we will make sure the balance of life will make you feel good. We will pay a specific attention to the good atmosphere to provide the best teamwork.

Our value are full honesty, science as a our best judge, no bullshit, and strong customer satisfaction. 

Looking for a job that deeply makes sense? Join us, it is time to electrify and decarbonize at the scale of the world. Energy abundance means peace and prosperity for our kids, let's achieve together this great impact!

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