We reload energy reserves for centuries. 

The first in core Breed & burn fast neutron reactor ever built. 

We design highly flexible 24/7 , safer, and renewable 2*110MWe Power Plants

"We revisit molten salt proven technology, transforming previous R & D concepts to an easy-to-industrialize & easy-to-maintain solution. In just 4 M3, the energy storage offered is equal to millions of tons of coal, and its density is around 70 million times higher than any Li-Ion equivalent.

We pave the road towards CO2-free electrification, making fast-neutron technology affordable, thanks to a simplified passive design. 

But this is not all...

We regenerate 100% of  our own fuels for centuries, 

We multirecycle  exMOX and UOX for Water Pressurized Reactors

We burn most of long life minor actinides nuclear waste.

We provide abundant heat and power that is essential for social peace, sovereignty and prosperity"


Ultra fast dispachable
We can produce the last dispatchable KWh

The dilation of molten salts can stabilize the power at any level, from 0 to 100 MWe, in less than 10 seconds, ideal to follow renewables or fast changing loads of industrial facilities. 

This is unique in the nuclear technologies, which enables STELLARIA to compete in the high value range of "peak load" power production. And it is the perfect complement of other nuclear technologies that have a slower DP/dt, and that are more suited to produce baseload power.

Safe by design 
Not by additional safety systems...

Atmospheric pressure, high temperature melted core, and very fast counter reaction ratio allow intrinsic safety. In addition, we do not use water at 155 bars, but stable chloride salts (NaCl). Fukushima is just not possible by design, not by adding expensive and redundant safety control system on top. 

Thanks to its compact size, its patented design allows passive evacuation of residual heat in case of power shut down.

Renewable refueling
We are also our own mine

The patented design allows the use of multiple fuels, burning either Low Enriched Uranium (LEU), Natural Uranium with plutonium (U/Pu) from existing reactors, or, in the future, Thorium (Th/U). This provides a strong diversification of fuel supply, perfect to reach energy sovereignty.

Moreover, the fuels are renewed in the reactor thanks to the fast-neutrons technology. Regeneration ratio is 90% : for one liter of fuel consumed, 0.9 liter of fuel is recreated. 

Fast neutron technology also enables the transmutation of existing waste including minor actinides like curium and americium that are coming from current reactors, reducing drastically the decay time of waste. This will drastically reduce the necessary size of the future deep storage areas that are digged to store vitrified nuclear waste.

All in all, STELLARIA piles are net-negative in waste : they produce much less waste than they  burn.


The most compact solution on the market, providing power for 5 years for 150 000 inhabitants in just 4 M3


Patented natural circulation in core that avoid difficult mainteance during operations


An industiral Alliance is under construction to build modules with the best industrial players, who will help us install STELLARIA where they are already settled, starting by Europe. STELLARIA modules will be installed in large industrial facilities in less than 36 months

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